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Microarray and Multimodal Imaging Data Analysis Solutions

GenEpria offers consulting and data analysis services on:

  1. Gene Expression Microarray data
  2. Electron paramagnetic resonance imaging
Microarray Analysis


Spotted arrays and Affymetrix GeneChips
Human and Mouse

Experimental Designs:

Differential expression and Temporal changes.
Raw data checks:
Signal and ratio statistics, Scatter plots

Global data visualization:

Principal component analysis and Multidimensional Scaling

Statistical testing:  

Class comparison and validation by class prediction methods

Pathway testing:  

Gene Ontology and KEGG pathway mapping and test for enrichment of genes
Data mining:   Cross referencing and testing for match.
Analysis steps

Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Imaging

Data analysis and Software development on:
  • Image reconstruction
  • co-registration of MRI and images from other modalities
  • EPR Spectral Analysis

  • Promotional pricing is now available to academic and government research institutions.

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